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The Normal Stuff.
Name: Noelani!
Age and Birthdate:16, 10/9/87.. like a countdown
Location: angela's heart? or Palm city, FL.

Five Favorite Bands: Billy Joel, Since the Flood, UTE, Thulsa Doom, They must be giants!
Three Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Drop dead Fred, Dumb and Dumber.
One Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye. (sorry for lack of originality here)
Favorite Color: Burgundy

Tell Us.
What You Do For Fun: BOWL!
Something Funny: When i was a little girl, i was in the woods with my dad and he went "CAW CAW" and i got really scared and screamed "INDIANS!!!!" and started running.

Something Crazy: When I worked at quiznos, i bought water balloons and we filled like 20 of them up at work and threw them at our manager. it ruled. and then i had to mop it all up. Which didnt rule. And if that didnt win you over then this will, because how can it not?

Something Stupid: I forgot to wear pants to school once. I had a long shirt on so i couldnt really tell. (this was fifth grade). But some one asked if i had shorts on so i lifted up my shirt to prove that i did, but i infact did not.

Five Pictures:

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