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The Normal Stuff.
Name: Shani
Age and Birthdate: 16; 12/22/87
Location: Big Pine Key, baby!!!

Five Favorite Bands: Hanson, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, Something Corporate, and Kittie
Three Favorite Movies: The Butterfly Effect, Overnight Delivery, and As Good as it Gets.
One Favorite Book: Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Color: I havn't really decided, but I like blue, red, and purple.

Tell Us.
What You Do For Fun: Play drums, go to the beach, pester the Winn Dixie cashiers, hang with my boyfriend and my friends, write, and mock people.
Something Funny: My boyfriend has had multiple dreams that involve beating my celebrity crushes to the ground with their own insturments.
Something Crazy: I can fold my tongue in half and keep it that way without the help of my teeth [I know that's not really crazy, but it makes people stare and go "oooh"]
Something Stupid: When I'm drinking milk, I think anything that anyone says is hysterical, including random words such as "lampshade" and "spatula".

Where did you hear about us?: Arielle! [isawthestar]
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Peace, love, and bullet-proof marshmellows,
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