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The Normal Stuff.
Name: stacey, also known as SPACEY because I'm always spacing out...always
Age and Birthdate: sixteenizzle, sept. 20th, 1987 year of the OX, is that weird?
Location: san francisco, ca

Five Favorite Bands: placebo, death cab for cutie, the sounds, radiohead, and le tigre..who took the bomp?
Three Favorite Movies: dazed and confused.."hey man ya gotta joint?" "nah, not on me man" "it'd be a lot cooler if you did..", spun.."Oh are you the doctor?" "yes and this is.." "Taco", and cruel intentions.."the only thing that you'll be riding tonight is ME." I would gladly ride ryan phillipe anytime
One Favorite Book: white oleander, how tough is she? and her name is astrid, that's out of control unique
Favorite Color: green, I love to wear it, color with it, paint myself with it..

Tell Us.
What You Do For Fun: get high with friends, make sandcastles on the beach, mountain bike, clean (I'm not kidding), get lost in books, color, hike, and write out my thoughts
Something Funny: so two men and a dog are sitting in a park. the dog leans over and starts to lick himself. one man says "man, I wish I could do that" and the other replies, "go ahead, it's your dog."
Something Crazy: the muskrat lies in the meadow. the swan finds him sexy. only the owl sees their shaningans
Something Stupid: i r baboon

Where did you hear about us?: the mod is a fellow community member of mine at top_notch
Promote us in a journal or community and link it here: after I'm accepted and get a feel for the community, I promise

Five Pictures:

I find this face silly

less silly, more blonde

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