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spazz out

The Normal Stuff.
Name: Sylvia
Age and Birthdate: 16 aug. 3rd
Location: miami ,ef el

Five Favorite Bands: jarabe de palo, frank sinatra,ani difranco,N.E.R.D,circo
Three Favorite Movies: beauty and the beast,toy story,basquait
One Favorite Book: chinese take out
Favorite Color: any shade of green

Tell Us.
What You Do For Fun: go out with friends,photography,cook =)
Something Funny: (Q) what do you call a room full of epileptic people? (A) a foam party
Something Crazy: (Q) did you hear about the kid's clothing sale at the catholic church?(A)all the pants were half-off
Something Stupid: (Q)What's the most confusing day in Harlem? (A)Father's Day

Five Pictures:

i didnt pee on myself i sat on the sink (the ones that automatically turn on when they sense ur hands or w/e) the thing went on =\

so not funny.
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